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Discover the reasons of why holding BLT is so cool !

BLT Staking Rewards and BuyBack Program

1. Passive Income Generation

Bulltrading offers three distinctive staking pools for BLT tokens with respective lock-up periods of 1, 3, and 6 months. This structure provides greater flexibility for users. Each pool carries a fixed reward proportional to Bulltrading's daily income: 3%, 5%, and 7% respectively. The distribution is based on the number of shares each user holds in the pool - the more shares, the larger the reward.

While the reward distribution remains fixed, the total percentage of the pool is tied to the volume of BLT staked within a given pool. Higher volume of BLT staked yields a lower percentage reward per BLT and vice versa - a smaller volume of BLT staked leads to a higher reward per BLT.

2. Discount on Fees

The standard fee on Bulltrading is 0.033% of the daily capital assigned to a strategy. However, by staking in the BLT staking pool, users not only earn lucrative rewards but also gain significant discounts on performance fees. Simply put, the more you stake, the greater the rewards and discounts you receive!

Please note that this benefit does not apply to virtual BLT credits since they are not utilized in the same manner as regular BLT.

Number of BLT stakedDiscount on Bulltrading fees



100.000 BLT


500.000 BLT


2.000.000 BLT


5.000.000 BLT


10.000.000 BLT


20.000.000 BLT


BLT BuyBack Program

Bulltrading's operations are completely financed through user fees, which enables us to maintain as much BLT liquidity as possible. Consequently, this liquidity allows us to buy back BLT when the price drops significantly, providing a degree of stability.

BLT Burning Program

To enhance the scarcity and potentially the value of BLT, Bulltrading implements a burning program. At the end of each month, we calculate user fees and burn 10% of our profits, thereby reducing the total supply of BLT.

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