Bulltrading vs TradingView

Differences Between Pine Script in TradingView and BullTrading

Pine Script is a domain-specific language for coding custom technical analysis indicators and strategies on the TradingView web-based platform. Meanwhile, BullTrading has implemented its own version of Pine Script, modifying and tailoring the language to better fit its platform. However, these two versions have several notable differences.

Key Differences

Arrays, Methods, Objects (Soon on Bulltrading)

The BullTrading's Pine Script does not handle arrays, methods, and objects, unlike the Pine Script used in TradingView. This difference limits the complexity of scripts that can be written and might influence the way you structure your code.

In TradingView's Pine Script, you can use arrays, methods, and objects to store and manipulate data, making it a more flexible and powerful tool for creating complex indicators.

Graphical Output Methods

In TradingView's Pine Script, various methods such as plot(), line.new(), label.new(), etc., are available for drawing on the chart, enabling users to visualize data in diverse ways.

However, BullTrading's Pine Script supports fewer methods to draw on the graph, primarily the plot() function. This simplifies the output, focusing more on the specific trading signals instead of broader chart visualizations.

Indicator Function

A major difference between Pine Script on TradingView and BullTrading is the indicator function required in BullTrading. Each indicator on BullTrading must contain the indicator.signal(output) function to be considered valid. This function serves as a signal indicator and must be executed for each candle in the declaration statement to discern whether the indicator delivers a positive or neutral output for that specific candle.


While the essence of Pine Script remains the same across both platforms, the differences between them are quite significant. Depending on your requirements, either platform might be more suitable for your strategy or indicator development. In the case of BullTrading, the Pine Script is less complex and primarily focused on delivering specific trading signals. On the other hand, TradingView offers a more versatile and complex toolset that may be more suited to complex analysis and strategies.

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