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BLT Tokenomics

Token Mechanics

BLT is the utility token developed by Bulltrading, available as an ERC20 token on Ethereum. It serves as the backbone of the Bulltrading platform, powering the ecosystem and ensuring its proper functioning. BLT is closely tied to the adoption and utilization of the Bulltrading trading ecosystem. Users can trade BLT on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as through DeFi swaps.

Token Scarcity

The BLT token implements a scarcity strategy to progressively reduce the number of available tokens through buybacks and burning. Several mechanisms are employed to achieve this objective:
  1. 1.
    Locking of Tokens: When users purchase platform subscriptions using BLT, the tokens are immediately locked for the duration of the subscription period. This helps lower entry barriers while maintaining the value of BLT. Additionally, FIAT payment options are available, automatically converting them into an equivalent amount of BLT that remains locked throughout the subscription period.
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    The Hold Program: The Hold Program, an advanced version of the existing staking program, provides additional benefits to participants. It aims to reward the community, reduce the token supply in the market, and increase token demand.
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    Token Burning Program:
    • Burn Program One - Performance Fee Burn: Services on Bulltrading linked to the performance fee system will burn a percentage of the profits earned by users. This program will continue until 50% of the total BLT supply (250,000,000 BLT) has been burned.
    • Burn Program Two - Bulltrading Net Income: 15% of Bulltrading's net income will be allocated for a buy and burn program in Q4 2021, in addition to the BLT burned through the performance fee system. The Bulltrading Net Income Burn program will remain active until Q4 2024, with the burn percentage gradually scaling down each year until 2024. This program aims to accelerate the burning process by utilizing a portion of Bulltrading's net profits for an annual buy and burn event.
    Burn Limit: There is no longer a limitation on the amount of BLT that can be burned, allowing the stable coin farming pool to continue burning tokens even after the first and second burning programs are concluded.

Token Distribution & Use of Funds

Tokens sold during the Private and Institutional sales, constituting 13% of the total supply, will be gradually unlocked at a rate of 8.33% every two weeks, starting from October 17, 2020.
Please note that this information is subject to change, and further updates on the BLT tokenomics will be communicated by Bulltrading.