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Indicator Management Guide

  1. Sell your Indicator: Place your custom indicator on the marketplace for sale. Note: A deposit of 17,000 BLT is required as a security guarantee.

  2. Rename your File: Choose your file and click on it to rename as desired.

  3. Create a New File: Generate a new file in a designated folder.

  4. View Indicator Code: Display the code associated with the chosen indicator.

  5. Preview Indicator: Show a preview of the selected indicator.

  6. Indicator Behavior: Illustrate the behavioral patterns of the indicator in the market conditions.

  7. Compilation Errors: Highlight any errors encountered during the compilation of the indicator.

  8. Compile the Indicator: Execute the process to compile the indicator, translating its code into a format that can be run.

  9. Delete the Indicator: Remove the chosen indicator from the associated folder.

  10. Save All Indicators: Preserve all the indicators. Note: This is different from compiling the indicators.

  11. Favorite the Indicator: Add the chosen indicator to your favorites for easy access in the future.

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