Pine Script Structure

Pine Script is a programming language created by TradingView and Rewrite by Bulltrading for the creation of custom technical analysis tools.

Script Definition

A Pine Script starts with a //@version directive which denotes the version of Pine Script to be used. For instance, //@version=5.

After this, you can define the script properties using indicator for indicators.


indicator("My Script", shorttitle = "MS")

Variables and Types

Pine Script has several data types including series, float, integer, bool, color, and string. Variables can be declared using the <type> <variable-name> syntax, and assignment is done with the := operator.


float a = na
a := close

Functions and Control Structures

Pine Script supports built-in functions and control structures.

Functions are defined with parameters and a block of code. They return the result of the last executed line.

Control structures, such as if, for, and while loops, are also available.


codef_sum(x, y) => 
    x + y

if (high > low)
    result = high - low
    result = 0

Plotting and Visualization

plot function is used for drawing on the chart. It can take several parameters, like the series to plot, color, and line width.


plot(close,, linewidth=2)


Indicators in Pine Script are used for backtesting trading ideas. It include positive or negative signal.


indicator("My Strategy")
indicator.signal(ta.crossover(sma(close, 14), sma(close, 28)))

This is just a simple overview of Pine Script structure, and the language has many more features and details to be discovered.

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