Identifiers in Pine Script

Identifiers are names utilized for user-created variables and functions within Pine Script. They must adhere to a certain format and set of rules:

  • They must start with an uppercase (A-Z) or lowercase (a-z) letter, or an underscore (_).

  • Following the first character, the identifier can include letters, underscores, or digits (0-9).

  • They are case-sensitive.

Here are some examples of valid identifiers:


Please note, the identifier '3barsDown' is not valid since it begins with a digit.

The Pine Scriptβ„’ Style Guide recommends adopting the uppercase SNAKE_CASE for constants, and camelCase for other identifiers:

GREEN_COLOR = #4CAF50  // Constant in SNAKE_CASE
MAX_LOOKBACK = 100  // Constant in SNAKE_CASE
int fastLength = 7  // Variable in camelCase

Below is an example function definition following the prescribed naming conventions:

// This function returns 1 if the argument is `true`, 0 if it is `false` or `na`.
zeroOne(boolValue) => boolValue ? 1 : 0  // Function in camelCase

Remember, these conventions help maintain readability and consistency throughout your Pine Script code.

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