Welcome to Pine Script™ v5

Pine Script™ is a specialized creation by TradingView, designed as a robust yet lightweight programming language. It empowers traders by enabling them to craft their own unique trading tools and execute them on our servers.

You can not only build and tailor your indicators and strategies with Pine Script™, but you also have the ability to backtest them. A majority of TradingView's pre-built indicators are created using Pine Script™. Furthermore, our vibrant community of Pine Script™ programmers has contributed to our platform by publishing an impressive collection of more than 100,000 Community Scripts.

Our primary objective with Pine Script™ is to ensure its accessibility and ease-of-understanding for a broad audience. Unlike traditional client-side programming languages, Pine Script™ operates in the cloud. Although we do not intend to evolve Pine Script™ into a full-fledged programming language, we're committed to its continuous improvement and always appreciate suggestions for new features.

Each script run using Pine Script™ consumes cloud-based computational resources. To guarantee a fair share of these resources among our users, we impose certain limits. Our aim is to keep these restrictions as minimal as possible, yet sufficient to ensure the platform runs smoothly. These limitations may include the amount of data requested from additional symbols, execution time, memory usage, and script size.

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