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Bulltrading fees

Bulltrading Fee Structure

Personal Strategy Usage Fee

Bulltrading charges a nominal fee of 0.033% on the daily capital allocated to your self-devised trading strategy. This means that if you're a Bulltrading user who decides to invest $1000 of your capital with a strategy allocation of 50%, your daily fee would amount to $1000 * 50% * 0.033% = $0.165.

Fee for Utilizing a Member's Strategy

The fee structure for employing a strategy designed by another Bulltrading member mirrors that of using your own strategy. The fee remains at 0.033% of the daily capital allocated to the strategy, with an added factor that 35% of the fee is transferred to the strategy's creator. For example, if you decide to invest $1000 with a 50% strategy allocation, your daily fee will be $0.165, of which $0.05775 (35%) goes to the strategy creator.

Strategy Publishing Fee

As a Bulltrading member, if you wish to publish your trading strategy for other members, there are no additional fees involved. However, a deposit of 17,000 BLT is required to mitigate the potential spamming of strategies under the 'bots' tab. Furthermore, Bulltrading rewards you with 35% of the income generated from your strategy.

Indicator Publishing Fee

When it comes to publishing your trading indicators for other members, Bulltrading follows a similar no-fee policy but requires a deposit of 17,000 BLT to minimize indicator spamming in the marketplace. However, for every sale of your indicator, Bulltrading retains a 25% commission.

Ways to Lower Your Fees

Engaging in BLT staking within our staking pool not only offers attractive rewards but also enables you to enjoy substantial discounts on performance fees. In essence, the more you stake, the more rewards and discounts you can earn! The following table illustrates the correlation between the number of BLT staked and the discount on Bulltrading fees:
Number of BLT Staked
Discount on Bulltrading Fees
100,000 BLT
500,000 BLT
2,000,000 BLT
5,000,000 BLT
10,000,000 BLT
20,000,000 BLT